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Higher Hires

Monday, September 27, 2010

To Consult or Not To Consult

For those senior level executives who are in transition, the question arises as to whether one should spend full time looking for the next position or take consulting assignments. We suggest taking consulting assignments because it:

  • Keeps one active and up to date in his/her field
  • Allows a company to learn about a person's capabilities, style and potential for a full-time position with the company
  • Creates networking opportunities; People feel comfortable referring a person to a colleague if they know the person's work
  • May provide an entree to a new industry or product category

There are "meaty" assignments available as companies that have cutback senior level positions are outsourcing some of the responsibilities.

Keep in mind that a balance needs to be maintained so that consulting does not overshadow job hunting.

Susan Rosenstein Executive Search Limited

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