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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Have you ever done a Skype interview that becomes a podcast?  You think it should be a “no brainer”. You have a conversation with someone on a topic you know and you are looking at the person on your computer- it’s simple. Not so fast, if it’s the first time you have done it and you don’t know the questions ahead of time, it can be tricky.

Jeff Hyman, founder of Strong Suit, successful serial entrepreneur, advisor to hundreds of entrepreneurs on how to recruit “rockstars” and long-time business colleague of mine invited me to be interviewed for one of his biweekly podcasts. The topic – how to recruit rockstars! No preparation ahead of time.

It was a great experience, a little nerve-racking at the beginning, but I look forward to doing it again. It actually was great fun. The things to keep in mind are similar to what I would tell a candidate who is doing a Skype interview with a potential employer. I had to remember my own advice.

·        Before the interview, do a test with someone to see how you look to them. Make sure the monitor is set properly so that not just your face is in view. You want to be sitting at a desk or table to create a setting and you might even want to have the chair raised a bit to have more of you in view.
·        NO cell phone, telephone, pets or children nearby.
·        Have a glass of water nearby.
·        Practice having a conversation and don’t talk with your hands – it’s distracting.
·        If you have to clear your throat, press “mute” so it isn’t disruptive.
·        Look directly at the interviewer on your computer.
·        Be a good listener. Don’t interrupt the interviewer.
·        If possible, get the questions ahead of time, but don’t rehearse answers. It will sound that way.

Relax and enjoy the experience. And, use social media to promote it.
To hear the complete podcast,, Podcast #020, May 10, 2016

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