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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Wall Street Journal, Business News, 09/06/2017 The Big Shift at Work Everyone has felt the shift in retirement and health benefits received from employers, which has been dramatic in recent years. While today more people are able to have flexible work schedules and work remotely from home, a favorite coffee/tea house or on the beach, many fringe benefits of full-time, permanent jobs have gone by the wayside. The biggest concern we hear from candidates is covering health benefits. The days of companies self-insuring or giving employees coverage at no cost are long gone but companies offering the best healthcare options rate higher up in evaluating which company to join. Looking at the WSJ chart, it is clear to see the vast changes. HEALTH INSURANCE Share of workers at large companies with employer-sponsored health insurance - 97%(1980) vs 61%(2016);With single coverage paying no premium -72%(1980) vs 5%(2016); With family coverage paying no premium - 51%(1980) vs 1%(2016) RETIREMENT Percentage of private-sector workers with pension plans 38%(1979) vs 13% (2014);With a 401(k) plan 17%(1979) vs 45%(2014) Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics (health insurance, work-life balance); Kaiser Family Foundation (health insurance); Employee Benefits Research Institute retirement)


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